Advisory issued for heat wave in Jordan next Sunday


Published: 2024-05-30 14:56

Last Updated: 2024-07-13 05:09

The Roman Theatre in Amman, Jordan.
The Roman Theatre in Amman, Jordan.

The Jordan Meteorological Department stated that the weather forecasts indicate the likelihood of a hot air mass moving towards the Kingdom from the Arabian Peninsula at the beginning of the coming week, which will lead to a “noticeable increase in temperatures”.

The heat wave will hit Jordan next Sunday, resulting from the positioning of a high-pressure system in the center of the Arabian Peninsula. This will bring entirely different weather conditions compared to the previous days – according to the department’s statement.

On Sunday, there will be a significant rise in temperatures, reaching about 5-7 degrees Celsius above average, with hot weather prevailing in various regions.

The Kingdom will experience further impact from the hot air mass on Monday, with another rise in temperatures, expected to be 9-11 degrees Celsius above the general average. The weather will be hot to extremely hot, with temperatures nearing 40 degrees Celsius in the capital Amman, and exceeding that in desert areas, the Jordan Valley, and the Dead Sea.

Eastward moderate-speed winds are expected, shifting to moderate-speed westward winds in the afternoon, generally accompanied by occasional gusts, stirring up dust to varying degrees.

It is advised to:

- Avoid prolonged direct exposure to sunlight.
- Do not leave children, even for a short period, inside closed vehicles between noon and afternoon.
- Do not leave flammable materials inside vehicles for long periods.
- Safely dispose of cigarettes to prevent fires.