Hot, dry air mass expected Sunday


Published: 2024-05-31 11:18

Last Updated: 2024-07-04 15:02

Hot, dry air mass expected Sunday
Hot, dry air mass expected Sunday

Jordan's Meteorological Department released its weather forecast for Jordan from Friday to Monday, predicting moderate temperatures in most regions, with a hot and dry air mass affecting the Kingdom on Sunday.

Friday Weather
The forecast indicates moderate temperatures across most areas on Friday, with relatively hot conditions in the desert, Jordan Valley, Dead Sea, and Aqaba. Winds will be northwesterly, moderate to active at times.

Expected temperatures for Friday:

East Amman: 27°C (max) - 16°C (min)
West Amman: 25°C (max) - 14°C (min)
Northern Highlands: 23°C (max) - 13°C (min)
Shara Heights: 24°C (max) - 12°C (min)
Badia Regions: 33°C (max) - 17°C (min)
Plains Areas: 27°C (max) - 16°C (min)
Northern Jordan Valley: 34°C (max) - 20°C (min)
Southern Jordan Valley: 36°C (max) - 23°C (min)
Dead Sea: 35°C (max) - 22°C (min)
Gulf of Aqaba: 36°C (max) - 22°C (min)

Saturday Weather
Temperatures will rise on Saturday, with warm conditions in the mountain highlands and relatively hot to hot weather in other regions. Winds will be moderate and northwesterly.

Sunday Weather
A surface temperature depression accompanied by a hot and dry air mass will impact Jordan on Sunday, causing a significant temperature increase, about 6-7 degrees Celsius above normal. The weather will be relatively hot in the high mountain areas and hot in other regions, with moderate southeasterly winds.

Monday Weather
Temperatures will continue to rise on Monday, with hot and dry conditions prevailing throughout the Kingdom. Winds will remain moderate and southeasterly.