50°C: Scorching heatwave to hit Jordan soon


Published: 2024-06-02 15:15

Last Updated: 2024-07-13 05:32

50°C: Scorching heatwave to hit Jordan soon
50°C: Scorching heatwave to hit Jordan soon

Various regions of Jordan are expected to experience the peak impact of a hot air mass tomorrow, Monday, which will further raise temperatures and lead to “hot to extremely hot” conditions across different areas – according to a statement from the Jordan Meteorological Department.

A further increase in temperatures is anticipated on Monday, with temperatures expected to become extremely hot in the northern and central Jordan Valley.

According to “ArabiaWeather”, these areas are forecasted to record scorching temperatures reaching the upper forties and possibly touching 50 degrees Celsius, due to the influx of strong southeasterly winds coinciding with the extension of the hot air mass.

Simultaneously, it is expected that the rest of Jordan, including the capital Amman, will experience hot to extremely hot weather, with temperatures possibly reaching 40 degrees Celsius in the eastern neighborhoods of Amman.

The Jordan Meteorological Department also forecasts moderate-speed easterly winds, which will turn moderate-speed westerly by afternoon. Generally, the winds will be accompanied by active gusts, raising dust in some areas, especially desert regions.

The Jordan Meteorological Department issued an advisory to drive carefully on desert roads due to winds and dust, avoid prolonged direct exposure to sunlight, and refrain from leaving children, even for short periods, inside closed vehicles between noon and afternoon.

Moreover, there's a warning against leaving flammable materials inside vehicles for extended periods and an emphasis on the safe disposal of cigarettes to prevent fires.