Israeli Occupation Forces claim to thwart major attack


Published: 2024-06-03 17:43

Last Updated: 2024-07-14 01:44

Israeli Occupation Forces in the West Bank.
Israeli Occupation Forces in the West Bank.

The "Israeli" Shin Bet on Monday claimed to have thwarted a major attack in the heart of the occupied territories, according to Hebrew media.

The Shin Bet alleged that the attack was planned by a Hamas cell from Nablus under the orders and planning of the movement's leadership in Turkey, naming Anas Shurman as the would-be perpetrator.

Roya's correspondent reported that Israeli Occupation special Forces (IOF) were currently surrounding a wedding hall on Jerusalem Street in southern Nablus, West Bank, where armed clashes had erupted in the area.

The correspondent noted that the IOF was sending military reinforcements to the site via the Huwwara checkpoint.