US: Ball in Hamas' court after Biden's speech


Published: 2024-06-03 21:04

Last Updated: 2024-07-13 17:22

John Kirby.
John Kirby.

John Kirby, Strategic Coordinator at the US National Security Council, stated that the ball is now in Hamas' court after President Biden's speech received a positive response.

Kirby emphasized the need for Hamas to accept the proposal, saying, "What we want now is for Hamas to accept the proposal. The ball is now in their court."

He clarified that the future of Gaza is not included in the current proposal, but efforts are ongoing.

Kirby mentioned that the second phase would involve releasing the remaining "hostages" and then transitioning the temporary ceasefire into a permanent cessation of hostilities. He reaffirmed US support for "Israel's" right and responsibility to pursue Hamas leaders.

Regarding US-"Israel" relations, Kirby denied significant gaps, stating, "I won't disclose the minor differences between Israel and Hamas' positions on the agreement."

He concluded by expressing a desire to prevent attacks similar to those on October 7, asserting Israel's right and responsibility to ensure such incidents do not recur.