Tawjihi exams workers' wages


Published: 2024-06-04 15:18

Last Updated: 2024-07-13 06:19

Students taking the Tawjihi exam
Students taking the Tawjihi exam

The quest for higher monthly incomes has Jordanians inquiring about the wages for workers involved in the General Secondary Education Certificate Examination (Tawjihi).

Wages are paid to various workers in each summer and winter session of the Tawjihi exams according to Article 29 of the Education Law No. 3 of 1994 and its amendments.

Exam Hall Staff
The head, members, and secretary of the exam council each receive 80 dinars per session. The head of the exam hall earns 13 dinars per hour of supervision, while the assistant head receives 11 dinars, and the supervisor gets 10 dinars per hour.

Grading Process
Correction committee members earn 300 dinars plus 10 piasters per answer sheet, with total wages ranging between 400 and 550 dinars. Graders of the General Secondary Education Certificate exam papers receive 2 dinars per hour for each exam paper.

Question Preparation
Each participant in preparing Tawjihi exam questions earns 100 dinars per hour of the exam and 500 piasters per subject. They also receive 40 dinars per additional working day if the question preparation extends beyond one day.

Transportation Allowance
For each day of correction work, transportation allowances are provided to the head of the correction committee, graders, data entry staff, janitors, and guards as follows:

- JD 1.5 if the distance is 30 km or less.
- JD 2.5 if the distance is more than 30 km up to 55 km.
- JD 4 if the distance is more than 55 km up to 80 km.
- JD 5 if the distance is more than 80 km.