Partnership Agreement between AJMI, Roya Academy for Media Training


Published: 2024-06-10 15:36

Last Updated: 2024-07-14 01:36

Partnership Agreement between AJMI, Roya Academy for Media Training
Partnership Agreement between AJMI, Roya Academy for Media Training

As a part of Al Jazeera Media Institute's strategy which aims at strengthening international partnerships, the Institute signed a partnership agreement with the Jordanian Roya Academy for Media Training, a Roya Media Group company on the morning of June 10 at the Institute's headquarters.

On this occasion, Iman Al Ameri, Director of Al Jazeera Media Institute, said: "We are pleased to sign this partnership with Roya Academy, in a strategic step aimed at enhancing media training and expanding its horizons, and Al Ameri described this partnership as a rich opportunity to strengthen students' skills and their practical experience in media in Jordan."

Hamad Al Houl, Director of Planning and Projects Department in Al Jazeera media, stressed that this partnership reflects the clear integration of common visions and goals aimed at upgrading the media industry, as well as the firm commitment to providing high-quality media training.

Eng. Fares Al Sayegh, CEO of Roya Media Group, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Al Jazeera Media Institute to offer cutting-edge training programs that will empower media professionals in the region.

“This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our mission to elevate the standards of media training and foster a new generation of skilled media practitioners,” he continued.

Dr. Ramzi Al Karmi, General Manager of Roya Academy for Media Training, said: “This agreement with Al Jazeera Media Institute exemplifies our commitment to providing top-tier media training. By combining our resources and expertise, we aim to create a dynamic learning environment that addresses the evolving needs of the media industry.

This partnership will enable both parties to work together to organize and conduct training courses in multiple media disciplines in Amman - Jordan and abroad.

Aljazeera Media Institute was launched on February 24, 2004, as a knowledge edifice that brings together expertise and experience with theoretical and applied knowledge in training courses covering various disciplines of communication science.

The Institute aims to promote the media industry in the Arab world and the world in general and cooperates with a group of international institutes and institutions to provide training material at the highest levels. The Institute's mission is to contribute to building media capabilities of individuals and institutions as well through innovative solutions and a creative team.

Roya Academy for Media Training was founded by Roya Media Group in 2018.
With the advent of satellite, television, and online media, the interest and popularity of working in the media, Journalism, and TV industries in Jordan and the Middle East has increased exponentially.

Roya Academy for Media Training has been established to fill the significant void in the media training industry by pioneering and creating a multi-dimensional, fully integrated media training approach.

Roya Academy for Media Training is accredited by the International Academy of Arts, Media, and Creativity (IAAMC) – IAAMC is a subdivision of The American Group for Managing Educational Projects (AGMEP).

Roya Academy for Media Training offers several professional training programs through its state of the art educational center.

It attracts talented people, journalists, artists and media professionals from around the region to develop their artistic and media skills through the training programs offered by the Academy.