First Palestinian-French lawyer elected as member of European Parliament


Published: 2024-06-10 19:01

Last Updated: 2024-06-19 00:13

Newly elected Member of European Parliament, Rima Hassan
Newly elected Member of European Parliament, Rima Hassan

In the European Parliament elections on Sunday, the La France Insoumise (LFI) party list garnered approximately 10 percent of the votes, securing eight seats in the parliament. Among the newly elected representatives is 32-year-old Rima Hassan, a Palestinian-French lawyer and activist.

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Hassan, who was born in a refugee camp in Syria and migrated to France at the age of 10, ranked seventh on the party's electoral list. Her election marks a historic moment as she becomes the first Palestinian-French member of the European Parliament.

During her media appearances, Hassan consistently affirmed her commitment to pro-Palestinian causes. She has repeatedly condemned what she describes as the "apartheid and genocide" against Palestinians.

In her advocacy work, Hassan founded the Action for Palestine Collective and the Refugee Camps Observatory, an NGO dedicated to studying and understanding refugee camps and displaced individuals.

Hassan has been actively participating in protests across France and appearing on French political talk shows to discuss “Israel's” occupation of the Palestinian territories. Additionally, she has utilized her social media platforms to amplify Palestinian voices and support activism.

Earlier this year, she emphasized that the Palestine issue is not just regional but also a European concern. She called for further EU recognition of Palestine to counter “Israel’s” colonization plans and advocated for sanctions and the suspension of economic ties with “Israel”.

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Hassan is expected to prioritize the ongoing war in Gaza in her role as a Member of the European Parliament.