Youtuber iShowSpeed donates $50,000 to Palestine Relief


Published: 2024-06-13 13:21

Last Updated: 2024-07-13 17:32

Youtuber iShowSpeed (R) and Youtuber Mr.Beast (L).
Youtuber iShowSpeed (R) and Youtuber Mr.Beast (L).

After winning a Mr. Beast challenge, Youtuber Darren Watkins “iShowSpeed” has donated half of his USD 100,000 winnings to the Palestine Relief Fund.

iShowSpeed won the prize from Mr. Beast’s challenge after competing with Olajide Olatunji “KSI” in an obstacle course inspired by the American television game show “Wipeout”.

The USD 100,000 was handed to “Speed” in a briefcase, after which he donated USD 50,000 to Palestine Relief.

“Speed” is regularly outspoken on Palestine, and is known for regularly shouting “Free Palestine!” on his gaming livestreams while also quarreling with any pro-”Israel” users he encounters while online gaming.

One clip that went viral and logged millions of views was of “Speed” playing an online flag guesser game and stumbling onto the flag of “Israel”, after which he asked his livestream viewers “is it real? is it real? Free Palestine man…”