Jordan welcomes Yango Play: AI-powered entertainment super app


Published: 2024-06-13 19:16

Last Updated: 2024-07-14 02:07

Jordan welcomes Yango Play: AI-powered entertainment super app
Jordan welcomes Yango Play: AI-powered entertainment super app

Following a successful launch in the GCC in February 2024, where the series "Al Hashashin - The Assassins" featuring Karim Abdelaziz achieved the number one ranking during Ramadan.

Yango, a leader in transforming global technologies into local experiences, is excited to announce the arrival of Yango Play in Jordan, the first AI-powered entertainment service that combines video streaming, music, and mini-games in one place.

Yango Play offers a diverse range of entertainment options, featuring exclusive premieres of both Arabic and international movies and series, personalized music streaming, and interactive mini-games, all enhanced by Yasmina, an AI-based Arabic voice assistant. Now available in Jordan, the service provides subscribers with cross-platform access on smartphones and TVs.

My Vibe: Real-Time Personalized Endless Music Stream
Central to Yango Play's innovation is My Vibe, a unique feature within its Music section that adapts to the user's music preferences during the listening process. Unlike traditional playlists that offer a static list of songs, My Vibe continuous recommendation dynamically adapts to the listener's immediate preferences and mood shifts.

It harnesses an advanced recommendation algorithm that considers over a thousand variables that perfectly align with the listener's selected preferences, mood, and historical interactions. To celebrate the launch in Jordan, Yango Play introduces a special gaming section and a music section featuring Jordanian timeless hits and Jordanian Nights.

Yasmina: The Arabic-Speaking AI Assistant
Yasmina, the bilingual AI assistant integrated into Yango Play, interacts with users in Arabic and English, elevating their entertainment experience. Fluent in Khaleeji and able to understand major Arabic dialects, including Levantine, Yasmina suggests songs to listen to, engages in conversations, plays Surahs from the Holy Quran, provides the current Hijri calendar date, and answers all kinds of questions — anything from today’s weather to prayer times in any city worldwide. Yasmina guides users through the Yango Play app, making their experience with it more enjoyable.

Exciting New Titles for Eid al-Adha
Get ready for an exciting lineup of exclusive films during Eid Al Adha on Yango Play. "Shekko," a gripping action-comedy, follows a group of outlaw friends entangled in criminal activities that lead to dangerous consequences. Directed by Karim Al Sobky and written by Wessam Sabry, this film stars Amr Youssef, Mohamed Mamdouh, Amina Khalil, Yosra, and Dina El-Sherbiny. The word “Shekko” meaning “Bro”, is a box office hit coming straight from the cinema, and the biggest movie of the year.

Also premiering is "Fasel Men EL Lahazat El Lazeeza," a romantic comedy about a couple whose lives change when a portal to parallel worlds opens up. Directed by Ahmed Al Gendy and written by George Azmy and Sherif Nagib, it features Hesham Maged, Hana El Zahed, and Mohamed Tharwat.This exclusive box-office hit film includes the popular song "Ya Abn AlMahzuza" by Ahmed Saad.

Yango City: Create Your Own Personalized City
Yango Play goes beyond entertainment, allowing you to build your own personalised City within the super app. Complete quests, like watching movies or playing games, to unlock exclusive buildings and characters explore different districts tied to various entertainment features.These exciting features add depth and interactivity to the Yango Play experience, ensuring users have a fun and rewarding entertainment journey. Whether you're exploring your personalised City or enjoying mini-games.

Yango Play is excited to announce a special opportunity for their users to enhance their city-building experience with two exclusive decorations in celebration of Eid Al Adha and the launch of their platform in Jordan. From June 16th to June 23rd, users who log in during the holiday will receive the Eid sheep decoration. Additionally, to commemorate their launch in Jordan, users will also receive the Petra decoration, representing one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Petra, with its unique historical significance, will add a touch of Jordanian heritage to their virtual city.

When joining the Yango Play super app, every user receives a 30-day free trial, followed by a paid subscription. The pricing plan is $2.99 per month for IOS , and android for 2.1 JOD per month. This subscription provides unlimited access to Yango Play's vast library of exclusive content, personalized music streaming, interactive mini-games, and an AI-powered experience.

Commenting on the launch of the super app, Roman Shimansky, MENA Region Business Director at Yango Play, said, "We are thrilled to bring Yango Play to Jordan, offering a revolutionary entertainment experience that combines video streaming, music, and mini-games all powered by advanced AI technology. Our goal is to provide users with a diverse and personalised entertainment journey, enriched by exclusive content. We look forward to enhancing the entertainment landscape in Jordan and connecting audiences with the best of regional and international content."

For more information, visit the Yango Play website or download the Yango Play super app available on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store, to start your free trial and explore the wide range of content available.

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