Israeli Occupation aggression continues for its 252nd day


Published: 2024-06-14 09:56

Last Updated: 2024-07-14 13:22

Palestinian girl looking over the destruction.
Palestinian girl looking over the destruction.

The Israeli Occupation continued its aggression on Gaza for the 252nd consecutive day, committing massacres and acts of genocide against civilians. Several areas in the Gaza Strip were bombed, resulting in 37,232 Palestinian deaths and 85,037 injuries.

Amid the ongoing escalation and deteriorating humanitarian conditions in Gaza, hopes for de-escalation and a sustainable ceasefire were renewed. US President Joe Biden expressed that he had not lost hope in achieving a ceasefire in Gaza.

Hamas leader Osama Hamdan stated that the movement needed a clear stance from the Israeli Occupation, accepting a ceasefire. He added that the Occupation had to withdraw from Gaza and allow Palestinians to decide their own future.

Hamdan explained that if Washington acted positively and not solely in favor of Tel Aviv, an agreement could be reached. He noted that neither Hamas nor any other party had any information on the number of captives in Gaza.