Gantz beats Netanyahu in potential election


Published: 2024-06-14 10:00

Last Updated: 2024-07-14 09:34

Gantz and Netanyahu
Gantz and Netanyahu

The "Israeli" newspaper Maariv conducted a poll to gauge the outcome if the Israeli Occupation held elections today. According to the poll, the "State Camp" led by Benny Gantz was expected to win 24 seats, while Likud, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, was projected to secure 21 seats.

The poll also showed that the bloc opposing Netanyahu was likely to gain 58 seats compared to 52 for the pro-Netanyahu camp if elections were held today.

A senior official in the Israeli Occupation's Foreign Ministry told the Jerusalem Post that Tel Aviv would not allow the Palestinian Authority to control Gaza after the war.

On Sunday, Gantz announced his resignation from the Israeli Occupation's war government, having threatened to withdraw last month due to the lack of a post-war strategy for Gaza.

Gantz's resignation from the war council garnered significant attention from the Arab and international public, raising numerous questions about its potential impact on Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Gantz joined Netanyahu's government on October 11 following the outbreak of war, forming an emergency government.

Since Gantz was not initially part of the governing coalition before the war on Gaza, his withdrawal did not cause the government's collapse but ended the "emergency government," returning it to its pre-war status.