Series of fires break out in Iraq


Published: 2024-06-14 10:36

Last Updated: 2024-07-14 10:36

The fire in question.
The fire in question.

The Iraqi Civil Defense announced a series of fires that broke out in Erbil, Kurdistan, on Friday morning. A massive fire erupted in a residential complex under construction in the province, with aircraft assisting firefighting teams in extinguishing the blaze.

Another fire broke out early Thursday in extensive agricultural areas south of Erbil, where ambulances managed to control the fire, causing significant material losses.

Firefighting teams contained a fire in a large crude oil warehouse on Thursday evening, resulting in at least 14 injuries, according to Civil Defense.

Rising temperatures in recent days have led to fires in hospitals, warehouses, and stores across Iraq.

In September 2023, a fire during a wedding party in a hall in Qaraqosh, northern Iraq, killed over 107 people. Authorities reported that fireworks and highly flammable building materials caused the fire.

In April 2021, more than 80 people died in a fire at a COVID-19 hospital in Baghdad caused by an oxygen cylinder explosion.

In July of the same year, 64 people died in a fire at a hospital in Nasiriyah, southern Iraq, which broke out in a COVID-19 patient ward.