Forecasts indicate hotter-than-usual summer in Jordan, Levant region


Published: 2024-06-14 16:23

Last Updated: 2024-07-14 10:47

Petra, Jordan
Petra, Jordan

The Jordan Meteorological Department has revealed that seasonal forecasts for June, July, and August across the Arab region, including Jordan, indicate a shift from “El Niño” climate conditions to neutral, with a tendency towards a negative La Niña phase by the end of August.

The department noted that with the continued positive phase of the Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD), temperatures this summer are expected to be higher than the climatic averages in the Levant, the Arabian Peninsula, and North Africa.

These insights are part of the official seasonal forecasts from the Arab Climate Outlook Forum (Arab-COF) for the entire Arab region, based on dynamic and statistical model outputs.

Indicators for the Levant region show a high probability (up to 70 percent) that temperatures will exceed their general averages, pointing to a very hot and dry summer, which increases the likelihood of heatwaves. Jordan, for instance, has already experienced two heatwaves since early June.

The Arab Climate Outlook Forum (ArabCOF3) has recommended taking necessary measures and preparing as much as possible for potential emergencies this summer, such as the outbreak of fires in various countries.