Six Jordanian pilgrims die during Hajj


Published: 2024-06-15 19:34

Last Updated: 2024-07-13 03:28

Six Jordanian pilgrims die during Hajj
Six Jordanian pilgrims die during Hajj

Six Jordanian pilgrims passed away today, Saturday, while performing Hajj, as reported on social media platforms.

The Ministry of Awqaf, Islamic Affairs and Holy Places had earlier confirmed that there had been no deaths among Jordanian pilgrims from the ministry’s delegation.

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Social media users mourned the deceased pilgrims, sharing posts that were seen by Roya. 

Dr. Ahmed Al-Khawaldeh reported the death of his brother, Muhammad Hamad Al-Khawaldeh, on Mount Arafat.

Similarly, Abu Mazen Al-Bustanji mourned the passing of Sheikh Tariq Al-Bustanji and Hussam Al-Bustanji, who also died on Mount Arafat today, Saturday.

Basil Al-Zoubi announced the deaths of his aunt, Tarfa Rashid Ababneh, and his cousin, Samar Kharabsha, during the Hajj rituals.

Yacoub Bani Nasser mourned Hajja Ismahan Ibrahim Suleiman Bani Nasr, who passed away on Mount Arafat.

Al-Na'un mentioned that the bodies of the deceased would remain in Saudi Arabia.

Ministry spokesperson Dr. Ali Al-Daqamseh told Roya earlier Saturday that all Jordanian pilgrims were standing on Arafat level and were in good health. He added that the Ministry had not received any reports of deaths among the Ministry of Awqaf mission.