Deir Alla records highest temperature in Jordan


Published: 2024-06-18 16:33

Last Updated: 2024-07-14 03:10

Illustrative photo.
Illustrative photo.

The Meteorological Department revealed the top 10 highest temperatures recorded in Jordan as of 3 PM on Tuesday.

According to their official Facebook post, Deir Alla recorded the highest temperature at 43.1°C.

Other high temperatures included Khalidiya/Zarqa at 42.2°C, Safawi and Azraq at 42°C, Baqura at 41.6°C, Zarqa at 41.2°C, Aqaba and Wadi Al-Rayyan at 41°C, Queen Alia Airport at 40.5°C, and Mafraq at 40°C.

The Meteorological Department reported that the heatwave would continue on Tuesday, with hot and dry weather across most regions and extremely hot conditions in the Badia, Jordan Valley, Dead Sea, and Aqaba. Winds were expected to be moderate northwesterly to northeasterly, occasionally active in the Badia regions.

A rise in temperatures is expected on Wednesday, with highs projected to be 7-8°C above the average.