Armenia officially recognizes State of Palestine


Published: 2024-06-21 11:07

Last Updated: 2024-07-14 15:47

Flags or Armenia and Palestine. (Photo: Vecteezy)
Flags or Armenia and Palestine. (Photo: Vecteezy)

Armenia has announced its recognition of the state of Palestine – a statement by the Foreign Ministry said.

In its statement, the Armenian Foreign Ministry said, "The catastrophic humanitarian situation in Gaza is one of the primary issues on the international political agenda that requires a solution."

“The Republic of Armenia categorically rejects the targeting of civilian infrastructure and violence against civilian populations,” the statement continued.

“The Republic of Armenia has joined the United Nations General Assembly resolutions calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza,” it added.

The statement concluded, "Based on the above and reaffirming its commitment to international law and principles of equality, the Republic of Armenia recognizes the State of Palestine."

“Israel's” foreign ministry said afterwards it summoned Armenia's ambassador after the decision.

"Following Armenia's recognition of a Palestinian state, the foreign ministry summoned the Armenian ambassador in Israel for a severe reprimand," it said in a statement shortly after Armenia's announcement.