Amman's King Abdullah II Street lane closed for 3 weeks


Published: 2024-06-23 14:04

Last Updated: 2024-07-14 12:07

Amman's King Abdullah II Street lane closed for 3 weeks
Amman's King Abdullah II Street lane closed for 3 weeks

The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) temporarily closed a lane on King Abdullah II Street on Sunday, spanning from Khalda Roundabout to Sweileh, to facilitate essential excavation and construction activities for a drainage line.

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The project aims to enhance the city's drainage system to better manage rainwater and mitigate potential flooding during inclement weather, according to the Traffic Department.

The Traffic Department highlighted that the closure of one lane on King Abdullah II Street will remain in effect for approximately three weeks. During this period, drivers can expect traffic congestion and slowdowns, particularly during peak hours in the mornings and evenings.

In response to the anticipated disruption, GAM has deployed its teams to the site to ensure smooth traffic flow and provide assistance to commuters navigating through the affected area.

Officials emphasized that traffic management personnel will be stationed to offer guidance and directions to minimize inconvenience to road users.

Authorities have advised drivers and pedestrians alike to exercise caution while traveling through the area and to adhere strictly to the prescribed warning signs and diversions set up around the construction site.

For more information and real-time updates on traffic conditions, residents are encouraged to follow official announcements from GAM and the Traffic Department.