Weather reduces energy consumption, ideal for outdoor gatherings


Published: 2024-06-24 14:54

Last Updated: 2024-07-18 01:15

Amman Citadel.
Amman Citadel.

According to ArabiaWeather, numerical models indicate that heatwaves will stay away from the Kingdom in the coming days and the near future.

Despite some indications of a temperature rise, the evening and nighttime weather is expected to remain generally moderate.

In recent weeks, Jordan experienced several hot air masses that caused significant temperature increases for an extended period, leading to a heatwave. This prolonged heat led to heat storage in homes, increasing the use of cooling devices and straining electrical energy resources.

Current weather data from ArabiaWeather indicates that evening and nighttime conditions will remain moderate until the end of the week and into the next, reducing the burden on electrical energy by decreasing the use of cooling devices, particularly during sleeping hours.

The site suggested some unconventional activities that can be enjoyed in moderate weather:

- Dining outdoors
- Saving electricity by turning off cooling devices
- Preferring outdoor gatherings
- Evening walks