Protests in Washington for end of 'Israeli' aggression on Gaza coincide with Biden's speech


Published: 2024-03-08 10:19

Last Updated: 2024-06-24 14:22

Protestors in Washington demanding ceasefire in Gaza
Protestors in Washington demanding ceasefire in Gaza

Washington, D.C., saw protests on Friday morning calling for an end to the ongoing Israeli Occupation aggression on the Gaza Strip, coinciding with President Joe Biden's address to Congress.

Protesters raised Palestinian flags and banners demanding an end to the violence and a halt to arms exports to the Israeli Occupation. They also blocked roads leading to the Congress building, coinciding with President Joe Biden's arrival to deliver a speech on the State of the Union.

Biden's convoy took a longer route than usual from the White House to the Congress building to avoid roads surrounded by protests.

In his address to Congress, President Biden asserted that it is the right of the Israeli Occupation to pursue Hamas, suggesting that Hamas could end the conflict by releasing captives and disarming.

He added that a six-week ceasefire would enable the release of captives and alleviate the unbearable humanitarian crisis.

Biden called on Netanyahu's government to allow more aid into Gaza and ensure that humanitarian workers are not targeted. He emphasized that tonight he will direct the US military to lead an urgent mission to establish a temporary maritime pier off the coast of Gaza.

He stated that the temporary pier on the coast of Gaza will be able to receive large ships carrying food, water, medicine, and temporary shelters.

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