Jordan urges caution amid expected weather instability


Published: 2024-04-28 18:13

Last Updated: 2024-07-13 05:06


Jordan's Ministry of Local Administration advised exercising caution due to expected weather instability in the coming hours and days, based on forecasts and warnings from the Meteorological Department.

The Ministry alerted to the possibility of dusty winds and the formation of torrents, emphasizing the importance of following advice and instructions.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Local Administration, Tawfiq Krishan, instructed municipalities and joint services councils across various regions to ensure the readiness of machinery, equipment, emergency teams, and supplies for any emergencies. They are also urged to continue monitoring potential trouble spots such as valleys, streams, torrents, and main roads, and to respond promptly to any incidents.

Dr. Nidal Abu Orabi Al-Adwan, the Ministry’s Secretary General for Administrative and Financial Affairs and Head of the Main Emergency Room, underscored the necessity for emergency rooms in municipalities and joint services councils to promptly address any emergency events that may arise from the weather conditions, and to keep the Ministry informed of any emergencies.

Citizens residing near low-lying areas, valleys, streams, torrents, and hotspots are advised to stay away from these areas to ensure their safety and that of their families.

Municipalities were urged to regularly inspect their emergency shelter centers in anticipation of any emergency situations they may need to manage.

The Ministry emphasized the importance of promptly reporting any emergencies or concerns to the Director of the Crisis and Emergency Unit at the Ministry, Engineer Jumana Al-Abadi, at 0798112299.


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