“Devastating incident which we did not expect,” says “Israeli” army on Rafah strike


Published: 2024-05-28 19:27

Last Updated: 2024-06-18 22:13

“Israeli” army spokesperson Daniel Hagari. (File photo)
“Israeli” army spokesperson Daniel Hagari. (File photo)

In a press conference on Tuesday, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) Spokesperson Daniel Hagari addressed the deadly “Israeli” attack on Rafah on Sunday night which claimed the lives of 45 people and injured dozens – all in a tent camp for displaced Palestinians.

“The strike was based on precise intelligence that indicated that [Hamas fighters]… were meeting inside this structure we targeted [in Rafah],” Hagari said.

“Sadly, following the strike, due to unforeseen circumstances, a fire ignited, taking the lives of Gazan civilians nearby.

The 45 civilians killed in the “Israeli” strike was a “devastating incident, which we did not expect,” Hagari further claimed.

“We are investigating what caused the fire that resulted in this tragic loss of life. An investigation is ongoing,” he says.