Caution advised as Jordan braces for heat wave


Published: 2024-06-01 17:11

Last Updated: 2024-07-13 05:57

Amman, Jordan.
Amman, Jordan.

Tonight's weather will be pleasant, with minimum temperatures reaching 20 degrees Celsius, and the winds will be light and variable – all before Jordan feels the effects of a heat wave on Sunday.

A noticeable increase in temperatures will occur, hovering around the mid-thirties in the capital, Amman. The weather will become hot in all regions, with moderate easterly winds, shifting to light to moderate northwesterly by late afternoon.

The atmosphere will then become warm during Sunday's evening hours across all regions, with temperatures tending to moderate late at night and in the early morning hours of Monday. Winds will be moderate northwesterly, according to ArabiaWeather's forecasts.

During the heatwave, caution is advised against prolonged direct exposure to sunlight and leaving children, even for a short period, inside closed vehicles between noon and afternoon.

It's also important to ensure flammable materials are not left inside vehicles for extended periods, in addition to safely disposing of cigarettes to prevent fires.