Snow, rain showers in Ajloun


Published: 2024-01-27 12:40

Last Updated: 2024-04-21 09:42

Snow, rain showers in Ajloun
Snow, rain showers in Ajloun

Snow and rain showers hit Ajloun today, Saturday, as temperature reached one degree Celsius in the district of Sakhrah, which stands at 1120 meters above sea level.

Parts of northern and southern Jordan experienced rainfall Saturday, with warnings issued as a third-degree low-pressure system is set to affect the Kingdom. Several municipalities have already dealt with rising water levels.

ArabiaWeather indicated that the low-pressure system would renew on Sunday, classified as a second-degree system, with Jordan continuing to be affected by the cold air mass and rainfall.

Mountaintops are set to experience snowfall, such as the mountains of Ajloun and Sharah, on Monday and Wednesday.