Explosives incident in Jordan: Developments revealed


Published: 2024-06-25 03:15

Last Updated: 2024-07-18 13:45

Explosives incident in Jordan: Developments revealed
Explosives incident in Jordan: Developments revealed

The Public Security Directorate (PSD) reported that investigations into the southern Marka case led to the discovery of another site where explosive materials were hidden in the Abu Alanda area of Amman.

On Monday evening, a PSD spokesperson announced that since the morning, authorities had secured and isolated a commercial store used to store these explosives.

Explosives teams from the Royal Engineering Corps, in collaboration with security services, managed to handle and detonate the materials inside the store. The operation was carried out with high professionalism, resulting in no significant injuries or damage.

The spokesperson confirmed that the investigation is ongoing and full details will be released once it is complete. He urged the public to follow the instructions issued by security authorities and recognize the efforts made to ensure the safety and stability of the country.

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Earlier on Saturday, a media spokesperson for the Public Security Directorate stated that the security services were investigating a case in the South Marka area of Amman. Preliminary investigations revealed that a group of individuals had stored explosive materials inside a house in the area.

Explosives experts from the Royal Engineering Corps, along with security services, safely detonated these materials after isolating and evacuating the area, ensuring no significant injuries occurred.